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Backorder Policy

Backorder Policy

Backordered products are not immediately available for shipping but can be reserved or pre-ordered. We offer this service to provide a broad range of options, including new collections and sold-out items. Reserved products will ship as soon as they become available.

Our team will notify the client of the backorder status and provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA). Please note that all ETAs are estimates and are subject to change.

Order Commitment

Once a backorder is confirmed by the client, the payment will be charged in full or invoiced for payment. No cancellations or changes can be made under any circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

In rare exceptions where cancellation by our team is deemed necessary, a 10% cancellation fee will be applied to the refund.

By confirming a backorder, the client agrees to adhere unconditionally to our policies.

Once received, backordered products can be returned in accordance with our return policy.

NOTICE: We do not recommend proceeding with a backorder if you require the product by a specific date. While we strive to meet estimates exactly or within several weeks, delays can extend up to a month or, in rare cases, several months. Our team will continue to provide the most accurate ETAs throughout the process; however, these are only estimates and are not guaranteed delivery dates.